Note: This profile was written in January 2011, so it’s very outdated.


My name is Jesús García Carrero. I was born in Ceuta in 1979 and I am living in Seville (Spain).

It's me!

I develop software since I was a child, showing more interest about game programing and tools. At this moment I work in geographic information systems and I have started programming for mobile devices. I really enjoy coding for Android and iOS.

Current work

I work in geographic information systems at “Sistemas Abiertos de Información Geográfica”, since November 2006, as senior analist programmer. In my company I’ve developed software for desktop, web and mobile devices.

Personal & skills

I began coding in early 90s. My first language was Z80 assambler using an Amstrad CPC. Later, my brother got a 386 PC and I could learn x86 assambler. At that time I finished my first game, I wrote the whole program using machine code.

That was 90s and I was 15!

All code and graphics from my own. Too much free time!

Then, when I was 16, I began learning Pascal and participated in the first “Olimpiada Informática Española”, a national contest where I won my first personal computer. A brand new Pentium one. I developed some short games using Pascal and ASM.

I introduced myself to C for the second OIE where I got a good position. No price at this time, but learned C and C++, the language I used for developping many software since then.

I began studying at the University of Computer Science of Seville in 1999. Continued developing software for my own. Then I was very interested in 3D and spatial data structures and I made some demos that never became to be complete games. Not so much free time at university!


Some 3D demos

I’ve got honor degrees in my Master’s Thesis, “Experimental tools for the Topology-Simplex Analysis of 3D Digital Images”, in 2005. It was composed by four applications where BSPs, quadtrees, octrees and simplicial complexes were used. It offered tools for efficient large medical voxel data treatment.


Master Thesis applications

I have been working proffesionaly in geographic information systems from November 2006 till now. My work has covered many fields and different languages (Web, desktop and mobile applications using Java, Ruby and Javascript).

In my free time, I’ve developed a little geographic information system framework called “Onion GIS framework”. It’s intended to be simple, very flexible, multiplatform (including mobile environments like Android systems) and easy to use and extend. We’ve used it in my current company for a couple of projects: a desktop 3D map viewer and an Android map application for urban inventories.

3D geographical viewer capable to represent in real time Gigabytes of data (for malla and texture) that can be stored even remotely

Last year I participated in An event apart 10KB contest. I developed a classic amstrad game clone in only 10KB (including graphics) and obtained a notable mention. You can see my entry in their web and try it.

My contest entry. Why don't you try?

Now I’m very interested in mobile platforms. So I’ve depeveloped some Android map Applications for my company; In the afternoons I’m working with a future company that will provide technical services in the area of health social media and mHealth developing iOS and Android news applications (not yet published); And I am also developing some games for my own on these platforms.

You can contact me in comments. Just write there, if they have private contents I wont publish them.

Note: This profile was written in January 2011, so it’s very outdated.

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