Air Strike for @aneventapart 10K contest

My this year 10k an event apart contest entry have just been published! You can try it by clicking here!

Air Strike tutorial

Air Strike tutorial screenshot

“All air traffic controllers are on strike and you are the only one who can make all those aircrafts land”. This is the premise behind this addictive game. You have to make aircrafts going to their respective airstrips for landing, being careful not to crash them.

Air Strike in game

Air strike in game screenshot

The game is less than 10KB and works fine with modern HTML5 capable browsers (IE9/10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, …) on desktop computers and mobile devices (iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android). I’ve used several compression techniques than I will describe on this blog. Some of these techniques have been Javascript PNG compression – managing to avoid problems with Android web browser image reduction -, SVG to canvas code conversion, Javascript code reduction; and more…

Air Strike on iPhone

Air Strike on iPhone screenshot

Playing is easy. Use your mouse or finger to make aircrafts follow a path to their respective airstrips. Avoid them crashing and land as much as you can.

Have fun with the game and leave some comments on the entry for the contest!

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